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Text Search - Overview

Text Search operates very much like an Internet search engine. Simply type in the word(s) you wish to search for and click the "Search" button. To insure you find what you want, Text Search looks at the producer name, the wine name, the geographic source of the wine and the grape variety. Keep those in mind since you can specify them as part of the search text.

Text Search

Note: Unlike the Internet search engines, you can type only as much of each word as you are certain you can spell correctly (as illustrated here where "beaul" will get the same results as "beaulieu"). You can also type a word in quotes or followed by a period to specify you want only that exact word and not other words that begin with it. Finally, you can type a phrase in quotes to specify that you only want results with it exactly as you have typed it.

The "Must Have a Wine Advocate Review" and "Currently for Sale" checkboxes will limit your search results, as indicated. Finally, click the "Retailer Text Search" button, instead of "Search", if you want to search the full text of retailer offerings for this wine instead of looking for it in our wine database.