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About Robert Parker Mobi

What is It?  Robert Parker Mobi is a version of Text Search and Find it Online specifically designed for the small screens and limited browsers found on most Internet-enabled cell phones.  We are pleased to offer it as an added benefit at no extra cost to our subscribers.  Please note, however, that your cell phone network probably charges for Internet access so, unless you already have a plan that includes it, you will need to investigate the applicable charges.

How Do I Use It?   There is nothing to download.  From your cell phone bring up your browser and enter into the address bar.  eRobertParker Mobi LogonYou may well have to use a key on your phone to bring up a menu item that allows you to do this since normally, unlike on your PC, the browser’s address bar on a phone isn’t displayed to conserve precious screen space.  One you’re at the home page (shown to the left) you’ll be asked to log in.  The same Username and Password you use for on your PC will work here.  You may also want to check “Remember Login Info” so you don’t have to logon the next time you visit.  However, this will only work if your phone’s browser is configured to accept Cookies.

eRobertParker Mobi Text Search

Searching:  If you’re familiar with Text Search on then you already know how to search on the Mobi version.  The same “rules” apply: 

1) Type only as much of any word(s) as you can spell correctly (shown to the right);
2) Search understands common wine abbreviations like CdP, VV and SQN; 
3) You can click on the vintage/wine or the rating to see full tasting notes for this wine;
4) You can click on a price range (if displayed) to see current retailer offerings for this wine (as shown below); 
5) If available, you’ll be able to see Neal Martin’s note(s) by clicking on a link under The Wine Advocate note(s).  The main difference is that you can’t sort the list of results as you can on  You must specify the sort order you want by checking one of the “Sort by” boxes before you click “Search” (as shown above right) .

eRobertParker Mobi Search Results

What Phones Does it Work On?  Robert Parker Mobi should work on ANY Internet enabled cell phone.  No special arrangement with us or your cell phone carrier is required other than one that allows you Internet access from your phone. 

However, cell phones and cell phone browsers vary considerably in terms of what they can do.  We’ve now done extensive testing on all the commonly used phones and browsers.  Your screen displays may not look at nice as they one’s we’re showing here. Some browsers do a great job, in particular, Internet Explorer on newer Windows Mobile™ phones and the iPhone™ version of Safari™.