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Winealert FAQ

Who is WineAlert?

WineAlert is an independent company that provides eRobertParker.com with hundreds of thousands of retailer wine offerings, all fully integrated into the eRobertParker.com database and fully searchable in a myriad of ways.

How are you different from other wine search engines?

Unlike other wine search services that collect retailer data and put it in a mountain of searchable text, our retailer data is matched against the over 150,000 actual wines in the eRobertParker.com database.  We believe it is the largest and most accurate wine database in the world.

Why does that matter?

Many wines sound alike or have common words or names. What seems like a straightforward search can yield an enormous listing filled with wines that you aren't looking for.  Through SmartSearch, our proprietary matching technology, you can quickly and easily find the exact wine you're looking for.  In essence, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

How does SmartSearch work?

In Text Search, if you input a keyword with a large number of potential matches -- such as “Latour” -- instead of getting page upon page of retailer offerings with the word Latour in them, you’re presented with a simple listing of the producers whose name (or the name of one or more of their wines) match your search term.  Once you select the producer you want, you can then select the correct wine to display all matching retailer offerings.  If you do wish to see all possible matches via a pure text search, bypass the SmartSearch by clicking on the “Retailer Text Search” button. In either case you can specify up front that you only want results that are "Currently for Sale", a huge time saver.

What other kinds of searches can I do?

With Advanced Search you can also include retail availability as a criterion by clicking the “Currently for Sale” button at the top of the page.  This powerful feature allows you to perform complex searches using criteria such as regions, producers, precise wine names, vintages, and actual current retail cost, all correlated to Wine Advocate ratings.  This process is absolutely unavailable anywhere else.

How many retailers do you have?

We currently work with about 100 top retailers.  They are mostly in the U.S., but we have a growing list in Europe as well.

Do you plan to add more?

We are adding retailers all the time, and expect to double that number in 2007. However, please note that we are more selective than other similar services in our choice of retailers to work with.  We’re careful to ensure that they are legitimate businesses with a genuine commitment to excellence in all aspects of their wine trade.  We believe that getting the best price is highly desirable, but not at the expense of the quality of the wine or the service experience.   In addition, we  pay particular attention to whether or not retailers are careful about not listing wines that are out of stock or that they can’t really deliver at the price offered, and will exclude any retailers who are consistently negligent in these areas.

How often do you update your retailer data?

We spider the sites of our participating merchants every night in order to ensure we have the timeliest, most accurate listings possible.

I am a retailer.  How can I apply to be listed?

You can click here to start the process.